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Deep Harmonic Meditation

Your Meditation Sound Field


We want to meditate in sound fields which actually vibrate in balanced harmonious ways as implied by the image above, don't we?

This is Perfect Harmony


Above is a harmonographic image of a major 6th musical interval when played correctly according to ancient musical traditions and the laws of physics

This is Not


Above is a harmonographic image of the major 6th musical interval used in our modern equally tempered Western music scales... Whoops! What happened?

No one likes to have to think  that their favorite music has been forced out-of-tune by standard Western "equal tempered"  tuning practices, but sadly, that is the situation...

What went wrong? About 150 years ago the idea of being able to play in any of 12 keys on a keyboard seduced an increasingly piano-oriented music industry into compromising the popular tuning.


What was this compromise? The laws of acoustic physics make it clear that a harmonious interval between two notes is dependent on their relationship being defined by simple ratios like 3:2, 4:3, 5:4, 6:5... Simple enough right?


Then the peaks and valleys of the wavelengths of the two notes can nest together perfectly and a comforting harmonic resonance is created.

















It is easy to deeply listen to harmonic intervals and hear when two notes nest together! ...if you live in a culture which practices that. Part of an ancient  musician's skill included being able to deeply listen for harmonic intervals and correctly tune his or her instrument. The music traditions of India, Egypt, China and other parts of the world from which sophisticated spiritual music traditions are preserved all reflect this!


There is no mystery about correct harmonious intervals. They are referred to as "just intonation" and anyone can conduct quick research and verify what I am explaining.


So what happened as the piano became the symbol of colonial expansion? By 1860 250,000 pianos a year were being shipped all over the vast British empire!


Here is what happened: the piano industry and its champions decided to simplify keyboard tuning by making the pitch intervals between all 12 notes "equal tempered!" The laws of harmony were violated by this economic decision and many of the finest European musicians either protested or continued to use their own "well tempered" or "justly intonated" tunings. Most of them never really imagined that the elevation of the piano as a symbol of colonial power would lead to the kind of serious erosion of quality usually now associated with corporate takeovers!


Modern historic research indicates that Bach, Mozart, Chopin, Haydn and many more of the great European composers did not follow the piano industry's new guidelines. But the new "equal temperament" made it easy for amateur musicians to tune their instruments and the word went around that the out-of-tune intervals were "so slight that no one would notice." This actually became a self-fulfilling prophesy and within a hundred years audiences in the Western world no longer even listened for perfect harmony! They began to focus on the musical acrobatics of speed and modulation instead. But the traditionally oriented audiences in places like India and Egypt did not forget! They politely commented that although the piano was grand and magnificent they didn't want to include one in their spiritual music ensembles because it seldom sounded "in tune!"

Waves from two notes nesting perfectly together and creating perfect harmony

Traditional musicians in places like Egypt and India refused to incorporate the piano into their ensembles because they could hear that it was not in tune! They use micro-tonally tunable instruments like these!

Ancient Musical Wisdom Meets Modern Musical Technology!


Something Powerfully New...


The Universe is Made of Music...


These Traditional Egyptian Musical Scales Preserve the Ancient Insights into Universal Harmony...


You can align the harmony of your inner being with Deep Listening!

Perfect for Yoga

and Sacred Movement!


The Egyptian scales in these recordings  include many more notes per octave  than are allowed in our Western tuning  so that we can feel and enjoy  the full artistic musical expressiveness  familiar to the musicians of ancient times!


And all of the notes are in perfect harmony!


These recordings are absolutely one-of-a-kind and unique...


When we listen to Perfectly Harmonious  music we can FEEL the difference!

We cannot necessarily explain it with words.


There are a lot of Meditation Music Publishers out there who are creating some beautiful products...

But none of them have brought together the true musical magic of dozens of microtonal notes per octave all in mathematically perfect justly intonated harmony and all derived from Egyptian musical tradition...


Unfortunately, Western culture lost  its Harmonious Musical Tuning  about 150 years ago and most European and American audiences  can no longer even hear the difference.


This is why Sacred Music  has been Lost in the West.


And this is why we all feel like  something is missing in our Sacred Music...

Perfectly Harmonious Music can be played on instruments like these.

Fortunately, this collection of compositions created as "Deep Harmonic Meditation" by Cameron Powers actually is in tune!


It may even sound strange at first to the modern Western listener who has never actually heard "in-tune" intervals before!

But after a few minutes of immersion in perfect harmony the listening soul begins to feel the familiarity and relax into the intervals which defined spiritual music for thousands of years...

Cameron has used  state-of-the-art electronica  to create these compositions  so the Perfect Harmony is guaranteed.


There are actually  THREE kinds of Perfect Harmony presented in these compositions:


1) All the notes in each music scale are "justly intonated" so they are in perfect harmony with relation to the first note in each scale.  The first note in the scale is audible  throughout each composition  so that these perfect intervals can be heard and felt.


2) The same "justly intonated" relationships  between the notes in each scale  can be heard when more than one note is played. This is the kind of harmony  for which Western audiences still listen.


3) The Harmonic Series,  a sequence of 3 to 2 intervals called "5th"  is generated in the background from the tonic.  This gives the same kinds of perfect harmonics which we enjoy  in the singing of Tibetan monks or from Crystal Bowls.

I assume that most of us have noticed the difference between heirloom tomatoes and GMO tomatoes...


The modern GMO tomatoes look great and can be trucked across great distances without bruising... but the old-fashioned heirloom tomatoes are the ones that actually taste good!


It is unfortunately the same with modern "equal tempered" tuning vs heirloom "justly intonated" tuning. The modern tuning is easy for both keyboard players and guitar players... But for a really deeply spiritual and meditative musical experience we need correct tuning!


The CD "Deep Harmonic Meditation" is a product which invites exploration into the realms of perfect harmony. Twenty traditional Egyptian music scales, some of which have equivalents in India, are presented in an order which progresses from the familiar to the exotic from the Western listener's point of view.

You can order the "Deep Harmonic Meditation" CD from this page. Or you can click the Soulscapes link and purchase the whole set.

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For deeper immersion sessions the 5-CD Set called "Soulscapes" presents compositions in the same twenty perfecty-tuned music scales but each composition lasts much longer: 15 minutes instead of just 3 minutes...