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Deep Harmonic Meditation


Traditional Egyptian and Indian Musical Modes!

Twenty Distinct Scales!

In Perfect Harmony!


Easy Ecstasy:

Immerse Yourself in Harmonic Intervals which actually Nest Together perfectly!


The Ancient Traditions of Harmony and the Modern Laws of Physics both lead us to the same tunings!

-- Illuminate Your Soul

-- Feel the Difference!

For the last 150 years or so our music scales have actually been slightly out-of-tune. Actually, more than slightly out-of-tune: some of the intervals between the notes in our modern music scales are 10% to 16% off... I will explain more on the next page...



Especially when it comes to Music for Meditation it seems that immersing ourselves in out-of-tune vibrations is just not the best thing... How can we align our souls in sound fields that are not harmonious?



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