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Perfect Harmony is the Secret!

Ancient Music

Gifted musicians have been playing sensual music for dancers, massage practitioners, meditators and sacred movement exercises like yoga for many centuries but none of it could be actually recorded until modern times. Did they possess any secrets? Has anything been lost?

This work has been replicated in modern times using the precise tuning tools which we now possess!

A package of 6 cd’s is the result!

What was happening here?

That perhaps we need to know about…

Ok tell us more… What frequencies?

Soulscapes: a set of 5 cd’s containing 6 hours of music composed in 20 distinct traditional Egyptian music scales. 

The intervals between the notes in these scales are perfectly tuned according to the laws of physics.

Freed from the constraints of modern equal temperament, musicians can learn to hear and produce these perfectly tuned intervals.

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